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Forced Out

Forced Out


This documentary probes the impact of incarceration of Japanese American business people during World War II. The date was February 19, 1942. Barely two months after the outbreak of war with Japan, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signs into law Executive Order 9066-a document ordering citizens of Japanese ancestry living along the United States west coast to be rounded up and forcibly moved to internment camps across the country. The government feared that individuals could collaborate with the enemy. According to Chris Komai at the Japanese American National Museum, "For a lot of these issei immigrants their entire lives had been spent constructing these businesses and to have this indefinite sentence put upon them, I mean someone who has been convicted of a felony of breaking and entering or stealing or something like that, they know when they're going to get out of prison, but these people never had an idea." After World War Two ended in 1945, interned Japanese Americans were released from the camps and returned to what was left of their former lives in California. The struggle to rebuild is the focus of this program and web site: personal stories of hope, honor, and perseverance.

DVD, 26 minutes on 1 Disc

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