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The Way We Cook by Sheryl Julian and Julie Riven

The Way We Cook by Sheryl Julian and Julie Riven

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For the past twenty years, in their wildly popular newspaper cooking columns, Sheryl Julian and Julie Riven have been providing hundreds of thousands of cooks with recipes they can depend on. Now, in this long-awaited cookbook, which is an essential reference for anyone who wants to get the most out of time spent in the kitchen, they present 250 of their favorites. From Roast Side of Salmon to Creamy Chocolate Tart, each dish is straightforward, contemporary, and elegant; home cooking at its best. Julian and Riven have an unerring sense of what busy people need: Appetite-provoking nibbles that won’t set back dinner preparations; easy meals for the time of day when the cook is most exhausted; impressive but relaxed dinners for company; simple side dishes; slow-cooked suppers served straight from the pot; weekend breakfasts that leave plenty of time for reading the paper; desserts anyone can master.

Sheryl Julian and Julie Riven



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