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Fulfillment of PBS KVIE Exclusive DVDs

Please note that some products, such as the PBS KVIE exclusive DVDs, are shipped from a different location. These products will have a disclaimer in their product descriptions. Shipments of mixed orders of both PBS KVIE exclusive DVDs and other products will be delivered separately. Shipping confirmations and tracking information will also be sent separately.

PBS KVIE Exclusive DVDs will always ship via the shipping method Standard. All other shipping methods are not available for PBS KVIE Exclusive DVDs. If you select a UPS shipping method for your order, it will not be applied to shipments of PBS KVIE Exclusive DVDs.

If you select a shipping method other than Standard for a mixed order that contains both KVIE Exclusive DVDs and other products, it will be applied only to the shipments of the other products.

For questions regarding the fulfillment and delivery of PBS KVIE Exclusive DVDs, please contact For other information, please refer to the Returns & Damages and Shipping pages.

***All sales of Leo Buscaglia are final.